The Evans Spear Memorial Scholarship Fund
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The Evans Albert Spear Memorial Scholarship Fund

Past Winners
2016 Walter Conrad
Patrick Grant
2015 Nick Allen
2014 Robert "Max" Watson
2013 Michael Smith
2012 Sam Torres
2011 Danielle Torres
Rebecca Bell
2010 Ethan Gray
2009 Jacob Gallagher
2008 Joanna Gildart
2007 Andrew Jacques
2006 Nate Allen
2005 Loren Joyce

The Evans Albert Spear Award will be given to the Yarmouth High School senior each year who best exemplifies the qualities that made Evans the type of person that he was.

Scholarship Criteria


First of all, it is necessary to mention that Evans was not perfect, nor should the recipient of this award be perfect. The recipient of this award does not need to have the best grades nor does he or she need to have been enrolled in all high level (honors) classes. That being said, the recipient must have a passion for learning and have plans for continued education with high emphasis placed on candidates who are pursuing an interest in maritime education.

Community Involvement

In addition to a passion for lifelong learning, the recipient must be a highly respected individual both amongst his or her peers and in his or her greater community, as Evans was. After Evans left Yarmouth High School he helped coach the lacrosse team and started a support group for people under the age of 30 that were afflicted with cancer. The recipient of this award must exemplify these qualities as well.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The candidates for this award must also be highly involved in extra-curricular activities. Evans was an All-American Lacrosse player and an All-State skater in ice hockey. The recipient of this award must demonstrate similar abilities in this area. (If it were up to Ev, the recipient would probably have to have a minimum amount of points if he was a hockey player in order to qualify.)

Nick Allen
Evans' nephew Jack presenting the 2015 Evans Albert Spear Scholarship to Yarmouth High School Senior Nick Allen

Work Ethic

In addition to being talented, candidates for this award must also have a tireless work ethic. Growing up, Evans would skate endlessly on his backyard pond or stay after lacrosse practice for hours taking shots in order to improve his goaltending - he stood for everything that it means to be a Clipper. Candidates for the Evans Spear Scholarship must give similar efforts in order to be considered for this award. For Evans, his work ethic did not end on the field or on the rink. It translated to his personal life where he always had a summer job. Evans had a relentless work ethic and love for manual labor. The recipient of this award must demonstrate a comparable work ethic in their personal life.

All of these qualities combined to make Evans a truly unique individual who made is his own distinctive path through life. Evans had a true passion for life and left his mark wherever he step foot. In addition to these qualities, a strong sense of family, loyalty and love for friends, and a truly genuine personality will also distinguish the applicants for this award.