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Allen Wins Second Spear Scholarship

By Karen Beaudoin, Community Leader Editor

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Nate Allen is the second recipient of the Evans Spear Memorial Scholarship

Nate Allen filled out many scholarship applications as a Yarmouth High senior and last Friday at the Clippers' senior breakfast he was presented with one that would make any YHS athlete proud.

Allen, a member of the hockey and baseball teams, became the second recipient of the Evans Spear Memorial Scholarship, following his former defensive linemate on the ice, Loren Joyce, who earned the honor in 2005.

"Being from Yarmouth there's probably a ton of other people who deserved it," said Allen, who plans to attend Bryant University next fall to study business. The 18-year-old is the son of Randee-Sue and Nathan Allen Jr.

The Spear Scholarship is the brainchild of Tim Foster and Ben Berry, who started the Battle of the Bay Triathlon to raise money and honor Spear, their friend and former teammate who died of cancer. The award is given to a YHS senior who plans to further their education and embodies the qualities that made Spear a loved and respected member of the community.

"I'm probably not one of the most standout athletes at our school," Allen said, "but Evans was good at everything. I look at myself that I might not be the best, but I do what I can to help my team." He spent the spring as a first baseman and designated hitter for the Clipper baseball team.

"It's a great honor for me," Allen said of the scholarship. "Growing up I idolized all of them (the Spears), especially during hockey season."

"I'm lucky to have had Evans Spear (and all his brothers) as students so I truly appreciate the criteria for the award," said Yarmouth baseball Coach Don Simms. "What jumps out at me is that, for Nate, putting on a Yarmouth Clipper jersey, no matter the sport, is truly important to him -- in the same way it was important to Evans. I see a similar sense of commitment and pride in what Nate does on the field or ice. Yes, he personally wants to do well, yet Nate is also highly driven by wanting to be an important part of any Yarmouth Clippers' team, and that includes being a great supporter of all the other teams."

The essay question for the application that Allen most enjoyed answering was, "What does being a Clipper mean to you?" He said that's where he could write about his school spirit and the enjoyment he gets from being at all the lacrosse, soccer and basketball games to cheer for his classmates. He's already looking forward to Christmas vacation when he can return from college to cheer for the Clippers and hopes to continue his school spirit with the athletic teams at Bryant.